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We lost two dear friends and community members to metastatic breast cancer; Marcia Peterson and Sharla Fullerton. 


To honor their legacy of giving, we started a new program called "Kindness Kits." These kits include gift cards to stores like Target, Safeway, or Walgreens and other items to help ease the burden of treatment and living with breast cancer.


The kits will be distributed to women with metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer through our San Francisco Bay Area partner organizations that serve low-income and underserved people. 


To date, this fund has raised $60,000 and we have distributed distribute 90 kits. With these kits, we will spread our possibilitarian spirit. 

you walk people to places the never imagined they would stand. you stand with them.

you walk people to places they hoped to go - but could not conceive the way. 

once there - you stand with them & broaden their view even more.

you are an excellent vehicle. an inviter. once who draws from before and entices. one who coaches from behind and inspires. shoulder to shoulder you extend camaraderie, deep humor and shared vision. 

what a pleasure to march in a parade which shall always be remembered as you. 

mary ann radmacher

Sharla & Marcia, Kona 2013

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