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Linda Imlay, Board Chair & Founder


Linda has participated in breast cancer walks since 2001 and she loves nothing more than exploring her city on foot, surrounded by this tribe of possibilitarians.

Sandy Klink, Board Member

Sandy has participated in breast cancer walks since 2002 and is proud to walk along side these strong and compassionate women. She believes that motion creates change in small but mighty ways. 

Tina Larson, Vice Chair, Secretary

Tina has participated in breast cancer walks since 2009 and is proud to be a part of the accomplishments of the In Our Lifetime family. She cherishes the friendships made along the way. 

Charisse Feldman, Board Member


Charisse has participated in breast cancer walks since 2002 and she loves the deep bonds of friendship that develop along the way with the belief that we can make a difference. 

In Memorium with Gratitude for their Service

We lost these two remarkable women to metastatic breast cancer. They were not just Board Members, but core members of this walking community and dear friends. Neither had breast cancer when they started walking. Their bright spirits will forever be deeply missed.

Sharla Fullerton, Secretary

2013 - 2017


Sharla participated in breast cancer walks since 2008 and because she believed in the importance of helping the under-served, she served on the board for four years.

Marcia Peterson, Secretary

2008 - 2013


Marcia participated in breast cancer cancer walks since 2003 and was a founding Board Member and Treasurer of this small but mighty nonprofit, of which she was immensely proud. 

Past Board Members

Judy Janec, Treasurer


Judy has participated in a breast cancer walks since 2008 and is proud to serve on the board of In Our Lifetime, and to walk each year with this group of kind, funny, and inspiring people.

Catriona Burns, Board Member


Catriona has participated breast cancer walks since 2010 and is committed to helping make a difference by walking and serving on the Board of In Our Lifetime. She thoroughly enjoys the walks with her dedicated team members.

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